This is a unique game that requires unique notation. The first thing to realize is that all moves must be terminated by a period(.), since chains of captures may be stopped at any point. The system will not commit your move until it sees the period.

  • Captures by Approach: a3a4+
  • Captures by Withdrawl: a4a3-
  • Paika or Non-Capture moves: a3a4
  • Capture Chains: a3a4+,a4b4-,b4b5-.

Remember! The rules state that chains of captures are possible with 2 exceptions:

  • you may never move in the same direction twice in a row (ie. b2c2-,c2d2+.)
  • you may never revisit the same point during a chain (ie. a3b3+,b3a3+.)
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