When placing a piece:

  • In general, always play as close to the center as you reasonably can. Typically, it is not worth playing nearer the center if you are guaranteed to lose a point. However, in the early game there may be situations where it is worth the sacrifice.
  • It's probably not a good idea to play any “detached” pieces until you have AT LEAST seven points. Even at eight or nine, if the game is close, it's usually better to find “attached” places to play that counter whatever “detached” places they might play.
  • Attempt to play on columns and rows that are occupied by your opponent's pieces. This reduces the scoring opportunities for your opponent by making those pieces impossible to score.
  • Avoid placing on columns and rows that are occupied by your pieces. This increases your scoring opportunities by making those pieces available for scoring.
  • The edge of the board, and the corners, should be avoided at all costs, at least until the very end of the game. Any piece placed on the edge of the board can never be enclosed, so if you have even one piece on the edge and your opponent doesn't, when you play in opposite corners they'll win.
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