Robo Battle Pigs

* SDG implements the Continuous Feedback variant only!

* The repair command (as described in the original rules) doesn't exist on SDG.

* In games under the “repairs” variant, five x commands repair a single point of damage.

* Without “repairs”, damage is permanent.

* x will allow you to pass a turn if you so desire (but you might as well fire or hit instead of pass, unless you're using x for repairs).

* The TL and TR commands have been truncated to a simple L and R, so all commands are a single symbol.

* Your first move is a string of three commands. Subsequent moves are submitted one command at a time. Click the “View All Moves” link above the move submission box to see and select from a complete list of possible moves.



^ = Forward one square
v = Backward one square
\ = Diagonally forward and left
/ = Diagonally forward and right


R = Right 90º
L = Left 90º


F = Fire laser forward until it hits something
H = Hit everything in the three squares in front of you


x = Do nothing (or one-fifth repair)

Ideas for variants

* Sleeping Piggy: A “hard-time” variant where instead of a player forfeiting the game altogether for running out of time, their pig simply rests for that round. (This would be especially useful in games with many players so that one player's tardiness doesn't hold up the action!)

* Piggy Herds. more then one piggy per person.

* Unique Boards and Terrain.

* Piggy poop bombs.

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