Implemented Variants


  • The Praetorian player can only interrogate one civilian each turn, instead of the default two.


* warn if Praetor clicks interrogate without selecting targets

* Undos should be allowed for moves that aren't interrogations or assassinations. Accidentally typing in the wrong move can easily kill you in this game. -JunkMan

Balance Discussion

  • Is this game unbalanced in favor of the Praetorian player, and against the assassin? Most of the victories I've noticed are for the cop side. - Cerulean, 13 July 2005
    • Actually, I think it's much easier to be the assassin, because you can trick the other player fairly easily. I'm not sure though. You could be right. - MatrixFrog
    • Yes, but the way the board is set up, it could allow the Cop to win first turn if the Cop has a straight line from one Cop piece to a square adjacent to the Assassin, and has dumb luck in finding it.
      • On the other hand, I've seen at least 1 board setup where the assassin was adjacent to both marks. ~ Cerulean, 07 April 2006
  • There are a couple of variants suggested by the author, one of which is to only allow the Praetorian player to interrogate one instead of two civilians per turn. I think I'll toss that in there later this week. — Aaron Dalton 2005/07/13 08:10
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